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The up series comprises horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps, specially designed for the pumping of thermal fluids at a high temperature, in an industrial installation, without needing any type of external refrigeration. The hydraulic characteristics of pumps are in accordance with the standard DIN and all international for pumps. This means that for each installation the most suitable pump can be used to give optimum performance.

02Pumped Liquids

All kinds of heat transfer liquids.


From the hydraulic point of view, the Aircooled thermal oil pumps are centrifugal single stage, horizontal, volute type pumps. With regards to the mechanical design, the main concept of the Aircooled thermal oil pump series is to a maximum, the mechanical seal and ball bearing from the source of heat that constitutes the pump casing, placing between both a thermal barrier and cooling the mechanical seal housing and bearing support by natural convection


Casing and impeller are made of WCB investment die cast Stuffing box and bearing housing are made of SG IRON.


The impeller of the Aircooled thermal oil pumps are single entry, closed type and dynamically balanced. The impeller has back Ring & Holes between each fin for the axial balancing of pressures.

06Pump Casing

Single spiral volute type radially split with integrated suction and discharge ports and also integrally cast feet for baseplate attachment. Thanks to back pullout design, maintenance is much easier as the inside of the pump can be dismounted without needing to disconnect the casing from the pipe-connections. Suction Port is axial and discharge is vertical.

07Shaft And Support

The impeller is overhung mounted on the end of the end the shaft. The shaft is designed to be able to withstand all mechanical and thermal efforts generated during operation of the pump with minimum deflection. The bearing housing is made of cast iron and apart from serving as the shaft support; it also houses the mechanical seal. It is equipped with external cooling wings.

08Shaft & Bearings

Shaft sealing is obtained by means of high security mechanical seal placed in the bearing housing, closed to the end call bearing l, near to the shaft end.

This means, that the seal is housed in low temperature zone. Because of the distance from pump casing and low temperature zone, it's gives better life for mechanical seal.
At non driving end plain bearing ( bush bearing) is used, which is near to casing and is lubricated by pumped liquid media.

K-FINS make air cooled thermal oil pump has 2 ball bearings are driving end, which gives better support to shaft and enhance the pump life and is lubricated by grease for life.

09Technical Deta

Suction and Discharge Nozzles DN 32 – DN 150
Operation pressure 16 Bar
Speed 1450 – 2900 - 3600 RPM
Capacity Range 10 – 750 m3 / hr
Head Range 10 – 110 m.
Temp Range 100º C – 350º C

10Fields Of Application

Leather Industries. Laundries. Wood & Ply Board Ind. Paper / Sugar Mills.
Rubber Industries. Textile Plants. Chemical and Petrochemical Processing Industries. Manufacturing of Plastic and Synthetic Fiber Material.

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